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Back in March 2009, several Hawaii families with children diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome met to discuss the yawning gap in services for teens and young adults moving from high school to college, college to the workplace and home to independent living.

Their children needed social skills training to make friends and maintain work relationships. They needed more help with college than was available on many campuses. And they worried how their children would transition from living with their families to living on their own.

From those parent-to-parent sessions rose the the Hawaii Young Adults in Transition support group for families and their young adults with Asperger’s Syndrome and other high-functioning developmental disabilities. HYAIT (we pronounce it HI-YAT) is a group of families who are focused on finding and developing services and opportunities for those with high-functioning autism and other learning or developmental disabilities.

They are organizing to advocate for the kinds of supports the children need to succeed in college, the workplace and independent living. If you have a family member with Asperger’s or other high-functioning developmental disability, join us on our mission: to ensure¬†Hawaii’s young adults live full, contributing lives regardless of their disabilities.


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